Interview with Gargi Arya

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Interview with Gargi Arya – Motivational Speaker In AdJOA – HTC

–         Gargi – Gargi Arya
+        HTC ; Age ?
–         Gargi – 14 years
+        HTC ; Single Daughter or have a brother or sister ?
–         Gargi – Single Daughter
+         HTC ; School ? Grade ?
–         Gargi – I study in 10th grade in Ryan International School Ghaziabad
+        HTC ; Family ? Parents ?
–         Gargi – We are three members in the family.
+         HTC ; Occupation of your parents ?
–         Gargi – My father Mr. Chetan Arya works as an assistant manager in EXL Services Private Limited and my mother Ms. Rajni Arya is a teacher in Ryan International School Ghaziabad
+         HTC ; Relationship with your parents?
–         Gargi – I respect and truly love them. They have supported me at each and every step and I owe my everything to them.
+         HTC ; Are you a good student ?
–         Gargi – For sure, I am.
+         HTC ; What do you think about your parents ?
–         Gargi – They mean the world to me and I am grateful to have them.
+         HTC ;What do you think your parents think about you ?
–         Gargi – They feel blessed to have a daughter like me who’s innocent, smart, passionate and sweet.
+        HTC ; Favorite color ?
–         Gargi – Red
+         HTC ; Favorite animal ?
–         Gargi – Lion
+         HTC ; Favorite car ?
–         Gargi – I don’t think I have any.
+         HTC ; Mother or father, choose one?
–         Gargi – Both
+         HTC ; Who are you attached to ?
–         Gargi – To my loved ones
+         HTC ; Favorite person in the world ?
–         Gargi – It’s me.
+         HTC ; What do you dislike in people?
–         Gargi – They hold grudges for each other.
+         HTC ; What university would you like to attend, Oxford university, Harvard, etc ? And why ?
–         Gargi – I would prefer Oxford as it’s regarded among the best one in the world.
+         HTC ; How do you define yourself ?
–         Gargi – Courageous, Debonair, Inventive, Passionate and Rhetorical.
+         HTC ; How do you think people see you ?
–         Gargi – They see me as a helpful, kind, loving and sincere girl.
+         HTC ; What / who do you aspire to be in 10 years ?
–         Gargi – I look forward to become one of the successful motivational speakers and a psychologist.
+         HTC ; What’s your inspiration ? Who is your reference ? Who inspires you the most ?
–         Gargi – My biggest inspiration is my pain and my  struggles. Apart from it, I am also inspired by Jack Canfield.
+         HTC  ; What would you like to change in the world if you had the power ?
–         Gargi – I would surely sprout the seeds of self acceptance and self love among people.
+        HTC ; What famous personality will you like to meet ?
–         Gargi – Selena Gomez
+        HTC ; What are your goals in life ?
–         Gargi – To become one of the Inspirational leaders, an author and a triumphant psychologist.
+         HTC ; Do you pretend to work a long time in the organization ADJOA – HTC ?
–         Gargi – Yes, for sure.
+         HTC ; How do you see yourself in the organization ?
–         Gargi – One of the key element.
+         HTC ; When did you join ADJOA – HTC ?
–         Gargi – 17 January 2021
+         HTC ; Why did you decide to join the organization?
–         Gargi – Because I saw it as an opportunity to open up myself, to share my message across the world.
+         HTC ; What do you do in the organization ?
–         Gargi – As a motivational speaker in the organization my role is to impart motivational speeches among the students so that they can see the life struggles as an opportunity to grow and flourish.
+         HTC ; Have you had an experience with ADJOA HTC ? Can you explain it?
–         Gargi – Yes, I had when I gave my first motivational talk on 3rd February 2021 in Ghana, West Africa in Joma Jerusalem Gate Complex School. Really it was speechless.
+         HTC ; What are your expectations in ADJOA HTC ?
–         Gargi – With my consistency and hard work, I look forward to have a great career.
+        HTC ; What’s your vision in ADJOA HTC ?
–         Gargi – To be the best in whatever role is assigned to me.
+         HTC ; What do you think about your colleagues in HTC ?
–         Gargi – They are extremely cooperative and diligent.
+         HTC ; Do you know the president and global director ? What do you think of them ?
–         Gargi – Of course, I know. They are the best mentors with the superlative leadership qualities.
+         HTC ; Why did you choose to be a public speaker ?
–          Gargi – I chose to be a public speaker because I wish to bring a difference in people’s lives and contribute in making this world a better place.
+         HTC; Why did you join the organization to help the children. How ?
–         Gargi – I joined the organization to bring smiles on thousands of faces. During the covid pandemic, I developed an interest in writing and thus I proved myself as an author and in order to polish myself I began attending the international webinars and in one of them, I got an offer from Mr. Richard Farouk Bossman.
+         HTC ; Tell us something you have never told anybody ?
–         Gargi – There is as such no secret but my diary holds the record of my life.
+         HTC ; Share a secret with us, how do you create your quotes ?
–         Gargi – To me, writing is just my thoughts flowing from my mind to the tips of my fingers and painting the pages of my precious diary. This way I write quotes.
+         HTC ; How is the pandemic issue in India ? Is your family okay ?
–         Gargi – The pandemic issue is widely spread in India. At present, we are having more than 4 lakh covid cases and the situation is getting worse day by day due to lack of resources. Yes, my family is pretty good.
+         HTC ; What will your perfect day look like ?
–         Gargi – A day filled with scoops of self love, cups of positivity and getting my hands on different new things will be my perfect day.
+         HTC ; If you have the chance to meet a president, who will it be ?
–         Gargi – Ram Nath Kovind (President of India)
+         HTC ; If you have the power to change the world, what will be the first thing you will do ?
–         Gargi – I would like to change the mentality of people because mind is the root of our sustenance.
+         HTC ; If you have the possibility of having a supernatural power, what will it be ? (Fly, omnipresent, omnipotent, power to read people’s mind, etc.)
–         Gargi – Fly high in the sky.